6 Tips to Keep Skin Healthy in Winter

6 Tips to Keep Skin Healthy in Winter

Winter is a bad time when it comes to your skin. The cold and dry weather makes your skin very dry and after a while of bad care, it starts to look chaffed, dry and leathery. It is important that you take special care of your skin in winter than in any other month. Here are a few tips to maintain a healthy and glowing skin during winter.

1. Moisturize

Since the air is dry outside because of the cold and because of the indoor heating, your skin is bound to be dry all the time. Get a good moisturizer to maintain a good balance in your skin. A good moisturizer helps your skin stay healthy and shiny instead of dry and dull.

2. Exfoliate

Any lotion that had salicylic acid as a component in it is good for exfoliation. Removal of dead cells from your skin keeps it soft and healthy. Exfoliation is a definite must during winter.

3. Wash less with soap

The more you wash yourself or your hands, the more moisture will be robbed off your skin. Use soap with a high moisturizing content or apply lotion as soon as you are done with washing.

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