6 Tips to Avoid Pile-on Friends

6 Tips to Avoid Pile-on Friends

All of us have friends but some are less fortunate to find companionship with pile-on friends. They barge in your privacy, they seldom consider your thoughts and feelings or what you want. You are persuaded to go for dinners or parties that you aren’t interested in, foot the bill and you may generally find them annoying. But good manners and politeness may not bring you to turn them down. Stop doing this to you. Here are some tips to put an end to the trouble.

1. Give excuses

This is perhaps one situation where giving excuses is permissible. Find some appropriate excuse to give them when they insist they stick around with you and tag along wherever you go. But find something appropriate if you do not have the intention to make them feel bad.

2. Say it politely but firmly

One of the best and long term ways to address the problem is to give them a hint of your discomfort but not in blunt words so that they get the point and also don’t feel bad. Although, this is quite tricky; this is the most mature manner in which you can handle it. It will do a world of good to the two of you.

3. Use the blunt approach

Some people just don’t get it despite the number of hints you may throw around. These are the people who need to be given the message blunt and direct. Make it short but precise. This may create some amount of bitterness but you may be better off in the absence of such friends than with be with them. Confrontation is good because resolution can arise from a conversation.

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