4 Weird Pregnancy Cravings

4 Weird Pregnancy Cravings

Finally the good news has arrived. The stork has planned to visit your household and you are all excited about it. Amidst all the preparations and gearing up for the D-day (literally, the delivery day), you might also have to battle the symptoms of pregnancy. Many things are now going to change; your body, your moods, your tastes etc. Speaking of tastes, here’s a list of few funny things that pregnant women crave for.

1. It’s common for women to hog on foods that they’ve never had before or worse, foods they used to hate earlier. They might suddenly develop a taste for dairy products like cheese. While this surely indicates a deficiency of calcium in their body, it won’t be surprising to find a woman who looks adoringly at a piece of chalk. The body is preparing to take in calcium, in whatever form available.

2. Most pregnant women report craving pickles or anything that is sour or salty, indicating that the body is in need of vitamins and minerals. To satisfy this need, they might also end up eating raw tomatoes or strawberries. There are women who have survived on tomatoes for the entire nine months of pregnancy. Weirdly, soon after delivery, they began to hate even the smell of tomatoes.

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