10 Most Common Complaints Men Have about Women

10 Most Common Complaints Men Have About Women

The list of common universal complaints that most men are likely to have about women can be hilarious and fun to read. Take a look at the list below and ask your man if he thinks about you the same way.

1. Women can never get bored of shopping

Every man in the world is likely to think that women are addicted to shopping. Men simply can’t seem to understand the meaning behind retail therapy or window shopping. They feel annoyed and frustrated because women like sampling and trying out a handful of clothes or accessories even if they are not going to buy them.

2. Women spend money way too impulsively

Men don’t like the fact that women succumb to their whims and shell out money to buy anything that catches their fancy. Men wonder why women wouldn’t question whether they really need that thing or if that thing has any use, before they reach for their purses.

3. Women can be too demanding on men even when they are tired, have a headache or have just come back from work

One of men’s common complaints about women is that they can be emotionally draining on them sometimes. Men may not understand why women keep talking about problems and other silly things even when men show no interest in listening to their banter.

4. Women spend too much time getting ready

For most men it is a universal truth that women spend loads of time getting ready in front of the mirror, whether it is for a date, an important event at work, a social do or even a funeral. Since all men need to do is wear a fresh shirt, gel their hair and apply generous doses of deodorant, they tend to think that women take up way too much time dressing up.

5. Women are too stuck up with the cleanliness of the house

Men wouldn’t mind wearing used socks or keep a wet towel on their bed. But these habits can be a big annoyance for any woman. Men are commonly seen complaining about women’s obsession with cleaning, organizing and categorizing.

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