5 Tips for Keeping a Secret If You are a Motormouth

5 Tips for Keeping a Secret If You are a Motormouth

Who doesn’t love to gossip and confide in each other with secrets about themselves or others? It is always a matter of excitement to know secrets but to keep them is a task. If you are a motormouth who speaks whatever is on her mind without thinking twice then this piece of advice is for you. These are tips to remember when someone confides in you and expects you to keep mum about it.

1. Say it to anything not human

This may sound crazy but it will help you with keeping a secret for sure. It is to exactly breaking the code of silence. Blurt the secret out to a living creature or inanimate object who is not a human. You can tell it to your plants, your pet dog, cat, fish or turtle, your soft toys or your favorite cuddly pillow. This way your burden is lessened and the promise made to the person is intact too.

2. Tell someone a secret about yourself

A good way to make sure someone else’s secret stays put in your stomach is by revealing a secret of yours to that person. When you have a give and take kind of situation with the said person, then you will be more careful in guarding their secret as you wouldn’t want your secret to be divulged.

3. Jot it down

Sometimes keeping multiple secrets can be a pain in the neck. You could decrease your burden of secrets by writing them down in a personal diary or typing them out in your smartphone, PC, laptop or tablet. Just make sure you secure your diary with a lock or keep it hidden away and hide the text file in your gadget carefully.

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