7 Tips On How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

7 Tips On How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

If exercise makes you run the other way, then stay away from it. There are other simple and painless ways to reach your objective of weight loss without actually needing to exercise. If this sounds exciting, then read further the simple tips for shedding calories the easy way. Given below are the tips on how to lose weight without exercise.

1. Create a food itinerary

Divide or categorize your foods into three categories, namely; vegetables, legumes and proteins. Vegetables comprise of spinach and leafy greens, asparagus, fibrous vegetables, peas, broccoli, kale and high water content veggies. Legumes contain pinto, black beans and lentils. Proteins include chicken thigh or breast, egg whites, grass fed organic beef and pork. Mix and match from the above list either as snacks or as meals and repeat the same combinations every day.

2. Drinking

Having something to drink during the day or after a meal is quintessential. But your choice of beverage most often determines the amount of calories you are consuming. Replace any sweetened or alcoholic beverage or soda with water. Drink as much water as possible. Water does not just aid weight loss but also flushes toxins from your body.

3. Say goodbye to dieting periodically

Once every two weeks, bid goodbye to your no carbohydrate or no sugar diet. Eat your favorite desserts or ice creams. Pizzas, burgers with cheese; just name it and you can eat it; albeit in a controlled manner. This spike in calories once in a while is important to render a different plateau in your weight loss program.

4. Importance of breakfast

Believe it or not, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether you like it or not, make sure not to skip breakfast any day. This meal begins your body’s metabolism and prepares it to burn fat during the course of the day. Even if you do not want to eat, make a smoothie and have it within an hour of waking up.

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