10 Reasons Why You Should Never Act on Harmless Flirting

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Act on Harmless Flirting

Flirting is always done in good humor, and it should be just considered that. If people start acting on it, the charm of flirting gets lost. One should not pay heed to casual flirting and try and not think too much about it for as long as possible. Here are a few reasons which illustrate this further.

1. It does not amount to anything substantial

Flirting is mostly casual, and it actually does not hint towards anything substantial. Finding meaning in it and then thinking about ways to act upon it will in some ways kill the purpose of flirting, and also the whole point of not giving much importance to its casualty will be lost.

2. Flirting does not always mean someone is interested in you

One has to, at all times, remember that when a person tries to flirt with you, it does not always mean that he is interested in you. Sometimes, flirting is only an ice breaker and a conversation starter for people. Acting upon it can give wrong signals to the other person.

3. You might hurt yourself

When you act on harmless flirting, you may have a tendency of developing feelings for the other person. In such a situation, you get involved in the risk of getting into something which the other person is not interested in. Sometimes people flirt, simply because it is in their nature. If you act upon it, you get involved in a one-sided relationship which will surely end up hurting you.

4. You may get involved in a meaningless relationship

Often, when people flirt, they are looking for a casual relationship. These kinds of relationships are a little meaningless. And there are chances that you might get involved in one of them by acting upon harmless flirting. It may seem exciting initially, but eventually the meaninglessness of it will bother you and even frustrate you.

5. Flirting never asks for acting upon

The best part about flirting is that you don’t necessarily have to respond to it. In fact you can brush it away by a simple smile or just by laughing it off. This way you do not act on it in any way, and can avoid giving any kind of signals that can be held against you later. Sometimes people just flirt with no expectation of response. In such a situation, the smartest thing to do is not acting upon it.

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