5 Tips on How to Know If You are Depressed

5 Tips on How to Know If You are Depressed

It will be an ideal world if all of us are happy all the time ad get whatever we want. But alas we do not live in an ideal world and live in a world that makes us cry, that makes us sad and that makes us depressed. We get depressed for a lot of reasons. You get depressed because you have lost someone or something, you can get depressed because you have had a bad breakup, you can get depressed over you lack of friends or the lack of an interesting job. There are so many reasons to get depressed and sometimes we go on with life without really knowing we are depressed. Depressions can be mild and can be pretty serious too. Here are tips to know if you are depressed.

1. If you do not like to do anything new

If you do not want to experiment anything new or do not want to try anything new because you do not have the inclination to do so, you are likely to be depressed as depression makes you lose the joy you can get out of living. You will be too loathe to try something out of the ordinary

2. You cry for no reason

You are normal one second and the next you see yourself crying for no reason. Small silly things can also make you sad and cry and you go into a funk for long periods without really wanting to come out of it. This can be because you are depressed over something.

3. You are sad a lot of times and you just want to sleep

You are sad for most of your waking hours and you always want to sleep and not mingle with other people. Being sad and not wanting to come out to meet new people or even family and friends can also be a sign that you are depressed. Being alone would not help with your depression and you need to come out and talk to others to get out of it.

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