How to Change Love Back Into Friendship?

How to Change Love Back Into Friendship?

Many times, due to unavoidable circumstances you cannot marry the person you love. Sure, love is a strong emotion, but it can be changed back to friendship. If you cannot be with the person you love, then changing love into friendship is the best option. At least, the option lets you remain close with the person through friendship. So, can love really be changed back to friendship? Well, it can if you are strong willed and determined to do so.

1. It starts with acceptance

If you and your lover have accepted the fact, that you guys can’t be together, then friendship is possible. When the decision is mutual, you can be friends with each other. This might take time, but it is possible that you guys share a great friendship.

2. Post breakup

Many people argue that after breakup, friendship is not possible. We would slightly disagree on this topic. If the breakup is mutual, then friendship is possible. If two people agree on this, then there is no problem in continuing with friendship. In fact, there have been instances of good friendships only after breakup.

3. Choose friendly activities

To revive your friendship with your lover, revert to friendly activities. Do things that you used to enjoy when you were friends with your lover. This could include pulling each other legs or hanging out together. This will help to bring back the old days of friendship. You will surely enjoy this phase and gradually accept the situation.

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