7 Things You Should Never Do When Pregnant

7 Things You Should Never Do When Pregnant

Being pregnant and carrying a baby in your womb for nine months is no child’s play. Apart from the severe emotional and physical changes that a woman goes through during their pregnancy, one can expect a whole lot of sacrifices that they will have to make for the sake of their baby. Having said that, there is no greater joy that motherhood. A mother’s love cannot be compared to any other kind of love in the world. If you are the “soon-to-be mother” reading this, this will be very helpful advice to you. Since your body is now home to a life that you are about to conceive, a few things avoided will go lengths at protecting its well-being and future. Please read.

1. Taking up rides at amusement parks:

Roller coasters, water slides and those other kind rides activating your adrenaline rush are fun, but can very dangerous for the baby in your womb. The forceful landing, the swift jerks, the fear it causes you could even lead to a miscarriage.

2. Riding on the back of a horse:

Horseback riding causes immense pressure on the lower abdomen. The seating posture too is very wrong for a pregnant woman. The movement of a horse rider can cause immense disturbance to the baby in the womb. It could also injure the child.

3. Enjoying water Sports:

The water is an unknown territory. It is unpredictable, and even the strongest player can get injured due to negligence. During pregnancy, water sports are a strict no-no as the impact of the water current as well as the sudden movement can cause critical trauma to the infant.

4. Undertaking snowboarding:

Just like water sports, snowboarding too can cause severe trauma to the baby in your womb. Such activities are adventurous and always involve risk. Hence, for a pregnant woman it poses double the danger.

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