7 Signs You are Addicted to Love

7 Signs You are Addicted to Love

Love addiction is known to be a type of behavior in which the addict can’t live without clinging to a partner or a relationship. Such people need to constantly be with someone and feel that they are in love all the time. Here are a few signs that you that you could be addicted to love.

1. You think about being in love all the time

Love addicts think about the feeling of love all the time, whether they are in a relationship or not. They keep reminding themselves of their elated state of mind when they fall in love with someone. If you are constantly dwelling on your relationship, partner, or the feeling of love which is creating conflicts in other areas of your life, you could be addicted to love.

2. You are frustrated when you are not in a relationship

Love addicts are known to have the urge to continuously be in a relationship or have a partner. Their life turns upside down when they are not in a relationship. If you too get a similar feeling when you transit in-between relationships, it could be a sign that you have become addicted to love.

3. You fall in love very easily

People who are addicted to love are seen falling in love on no real basis. They surrender themselves to love even if they feel only a momentary feeling of attraction towards someone. And then they start idolizing that person to extreme lengths. You could be addicted to love if you also pass through similar phases when you fall in love with someone.

4. You cannot imagine your world without the person you love

Obsession is commonly known to seep into the behavior of love addicts. Once a love addict falls in love, his or her desired partner become an object that they must acquire for themselves at any cost to make their life complete. Love addicts may often resort to alcoholism or drug addiction when they are in love and are struggling to do everything they can to own the person they love.

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