How To Impress A Man On Facebook


It is digital age and Facebook is the place to be! Gone are the days where a damsel would step out into wilderness in the quest of her Prince Charming in shining armor. These days, Prince Charming is much more tech-savvy to be easily located with click. But how does one woo Prince Charming in a place filled with ballerinas each flaunting one “DP” sexier than the other? Here are tips every lady can keep in mind to entice a man on Facebook.

1. A realistic non-photo shopped pretty Display Picture

On Facebook, the display picture is something one first notices. As the first impression is the last impression, you must ensure that your display picture is enthralling enough to make a man want to know more about you. Avoid blurry images than speak hardly anything about you. At the same time also avoid images that say everything about you. Let you display picture be a pretty one such that anyone could get attracted to it right from a gentleman to a brat. Also avoid vulgar images as they could make you seem desperate to be seen. Smile on your display picture, it will make you seem very approachable. Also try to get someone else to take it, instead of a selfie to get the angle of the picture right.

Now one must avoid over use of Photoshop that makes you appear like someone you are not. This could be a sheer turn off later and you will come across as fake and a woman who is not confident about the way she looks. You are surely pretty yourself so be as much as you can be yourself on your display picture.

2. An interesting cover page

While the display picture is already about you, try to keep the cover page about something else more significant in your life. A cover page as well as a display picture about you could make you seem self-obsessed.

A cover-page could be something like your hobby. For instance you skydiving or cooking. It could you anything that speaks about something that you consider your world. You could also include a family picture or a group picture of you and your friends. This will speak a little more about the great person you are.

3. Impress Him With the About Me section

The About Me section on Facebook gives you plenty opportunity to speak lengths about yourself. Details about where are you from or where you work could possibility help him to trail into more details about you.

4. Be careful when you post status

When you are posting a status to impress a man over Facebook, you have no idea how he might interpret what you are saying. Hence as far as possible try to keep your status as impersonal as possible and loaded with positive things. If you are blessed with a good sense of humour maybe you could use it to your advantage on Facebook. This will make you come across as a very interesting person and any man likes a girl who is fun!

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