8 Reasons We Should Say Goodbye To Smoking

8 Reasons We Should Say Goodbye To Smoking

How many times have you decided to quit smoking? Don’t remember? Well then do something before it is too late for you to realize. Smoking is bad for health! There are no two doubts about it. Listed below are some reasons to say goodbye to smoking forever, read on.

1. For a Longer life

Don’t you love your life? Then why are you still smoking? Stop smoking because it affects your health in the most negative way. Smoking leads to many complications in the body. Smoking causes cancer and liver infections. Smoking causes respiratory disorders. Smoking also affects your oral health. Do you need more health reasons to stop smoking?

2. For your family and friends

Do you care about your family and friends? If you love them, then this is reason enough to stop smoking now! That smoke from your mouth not only affects you but also the person next to you. So, you are harming your family members and your loved ones without their fault. Quit smoking to protect them and let them stay in a healthy atmosphere.

3. For a healthy body

The minute you quit smoking, you would gain your strength back. You should stop smoking for a healthy body and a healthy you. Smoking affects your body and makes you look older than your age. It also affects the metabolism of your body, which in turn affects your energy level. Are you still thinking, do it from today!

4. It’s about liking

Who does not wish to be liked or loved in life? Well, when you will quit smoking, you will be liked by everyone around. Specially the cute kids that get scared just to come in front of you. It was proved in a recent study that people who don’t smoke are well accepted in life as against people who smoke.

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