5 Top Reasons To Use Amazon Kindle

5 Top Advantages Of using Amazon Kindle

My cousin gave me an Amazon gift coupon on my birthday this year. Super thrilled, I had already decided what I would buy. If you like your books, you’re going to love my choice. I like staying updated with the latest books, blogs and magazines. Yes you got it – I zeroed in on an Amazon Kindle. If you’re not familiar with the Kindle much, do not worry. Your gizmo guru is here to the rescue. The Amazon Kindle is a portable electronic device that can download and store hundreds of e-books. With a superb range of functions under its belt, here are top 5 advantages of using Amazon Kindle.

1. Kindle is contract free

Arrrghh! I hate signing up for contracts because there’s always some catch lying hidden. Are you currently paying monthly fees for wireless Internet on the data network for your tablet? That sucks because for the Kindle, you pay for the 3G enabled device and you get lifetime access to free wireless anywhere in the world. I love the Kindle for this!

2. Kindle has no glare screen display

Ever noticed how stupid it looks when someone keeps changing the direction of their tablet to read in direct sunlight? I almost laughed out loud at a gentleman on the airport when I saw him do that. Did you know that the Amazon Kindle has been developed in such a way that it doesn’t emit a glare in sunlight? Plus, you will feel like you are reading the pages of a real book. The next time you see someone shifting and sliding a tablet to read, you’ve got to give out that smirk!

3. Kindle is more portable

1 book, 2 books, 3 books…. How would you like the feeling of carrying 1500 e-books, newspapers, PDFs, magazines and comics? Even better – all this does not weight anything at all! You will travel hassle free with the Kindle – it just weighs 8.7 ounces. 2 inches smaller than the iPad or the average tablet, the Kindle weighs and holds like a feather. Are you habituated to read long hours? No worries. Brace yourself to read the daily New York Times even without getting out of bed.

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