6 Ways to Get Shiny and Healthy Nails

6 Ways to Get Shiny and Healthy Nails

A person doesn’t look attractive and beautiful simply as a whole. It is taking care of every small part of the body which together gives out the stunning look. One such part is our nails. It is as important to take care of our nails, as it is for any other body part. So, here are 6 ways to help you get shiny and healthy nails.

1. Trim regularly

If you leave your nails long and don’t clean them regularly, dirt and dust accumulates in them, not only making them look ugly, but also making them extremely unhealthy. Hence, it is wise to trim your nails regularly using manicure clippers. The best time to clip your nails is after a bath or when you have just washed your hands. Your nails are softer at that time and easier to trim.

2. Hydrate them

Make it a habit of rubbing petroleum jelly on your cuticle and skin around the nails every night before going to bed, or at any time when your nails are dry. You may also use castor oil which is rich in vitamin E and healthy for your cuticles.

3. Keep them dry and clean

When washing your hands, always make sure that you’re cleaning your nails properly. This will prevent bacteria, fungus and other germs from accumulating under your nails. Also, whenever doing any cleaning work around the house, do not forget to wear rubber gloves.

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