8 Things You should Forgive Your Boyfriend For

Things You should Forgive Your Boyfriend For

Boyfriends make mistakes. Like you, they are also trying to make the relationship work. Your guy loves you just as much as you love him. But that doesn’t take away the fact that he is genuinely bad at some things, and sometimes, you just have to let go of it. You can’t be sitting down with him on review sessions every weekend tracking his progress on being better at ironing clothes or washing dishes. There are some mistakes that all guys make, and you need to learn to accept those little things and move on. Here are some of the things that you as a girlfriend often end up getting too worked up on, but should actually forgive your boyfriend for.

1. Checking out other women

He’s a guy and he obviously has other thoughts even when you’re next to him. You can’t blame him for that because it’s just how they are wired. Plus, if a woman comes to him with half her boobs popping out, he genuinely can’t help but notice, right? It’s unfair to start an argument each time you see him checking out other women.

2. Watching sports a little too much

It’s okay if he is stuck to the television set like a child when the soccer finals are happening. He too gets irritated when you watch the ‘Royal Wedding’ minute by minute on TV. So it’s only fair that you let him watch the match peacefully. Instead, snuggle in there on the couch and watch it with him, he’d really appreciate that more.

3. Not doing some household chores

The point of dividing household chores is that you both pick things that you can do comfortably or are good at, rather than making the other person do things that you want him to do. Instead of cribbing about him not doing the dishes on time or not ironing the clothes properly, make him responsible for the garage and the repairs department. Or he can throw the trash out when he goes to buy beers.

4. Working too much

Yes, it can become annoying sometimes when each time he is late on a date, work is the only excuse. But the point is, if he doesn’t work now, when will he do it? You are both young and active right now, and spending some extra time at work is never going to bring any harm. Once you are relatively settled, it promises early retirement and also far more lavish and luxurious holidays for you. So don’t blame him for working too much, because you are in a way raising a finger on his ambitions and goals.

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