How To Look Like Megan Fox?

How To Look Like Megan Fox?

Megan Fox is regarded as one the sexiest women of this century. While she has half of the male population drooling for her, she has more than half of the females who want to look like her. With those “Kiss me now” lips and “Drag me home” eyes, Megan looks like a beautiful Greek goddess. Want to look like this exotic beauty? It is possible! Let me show you how.

1. Hair

One of the sexiest things about Megan is her hair. She is blessed with beautifully long and chocolate-brown colored hair. So the first step to look like Megan is grow your hair long and color it chocolate-brown. Her hair is cut into long layers with wispy side bangs. Her hair also frames her face perfectly. Megan’s hair is mostly straight. So blow dry your hair carefully after you towel dry. Once you’re done with these, let the straightener work on your hair. Use a hair spray to keep your hair in place. If you want her curly look, use a curling iron for the lower strands on your hair. Also use an anti-fizz lotion to avoid fizzy hair.

2. Lips

Megan is blessed with luscious and gorgeous lips. You can also use lipstick tricks to make your lips appear like hers. Be very precise, cause Megan’s makeup is never clumsy. It is always meticulous. Use lots of lip gloss to give a shiny glow to your lips.

3. Eyes

Her eyes look like diamonds! This is partly due to the sea green color of her eyes, and partly due to the eye makeup she wears. You will never see her without dark black mascara applied on her eye lashes. They add volume to her lashes, also make them appear longer than they really are. As for eye shadow is concerned, my personal recommendation would be smokey green color with lots of shimmer. To complete the look, apply brown eyeliner on the top part of your eyelids in Cleopatra-esque fashion.

4. Cheeks

Even if you are not blessed with perfect high cheekbones like this kitten, you can always create an illusion. If you desire Miss Fox’s high cheekbones, use a pink shimmer blush right below the apples of your cheeks. It will give your whole face a very chiseled and sculpted look.

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