5 Excuses Men Give After Cheating

5 Excuses Men Give After Cheating

While there can be no excuse for cheating in a relationship, some men are experts at convincing their partner that they aren’t the one to be blamed for the same. They come up with all different excuses and play as the victim and finally, the poor girl forgives her boyfriend/husband. The reason that girls fall for these excuses is because they don’t know that these are the same old bookish excuses that men have been using for ages now. So, it is better to make yourself aware of these common excuses and be prepared to face something similar.

1. “I was forced”

No, he wasn’t! Had he been forced or blackmailed somehow, he would have told you about the matter at the very beginning. No one is a child, and no one can be forced to cheat on their girlfriend or wife. Unless, he has been blackmailed, which would mean that he has done something even more terrible that he does not want you to know.

2. “It happened too fast”

This is another common excuse given by men. “It happened too fast. I never got the time to think.” Well, it could have happened too fast for your slow brains to cope up with the first time. But what about the second time… and the third… and every time hence onward? If you were molested, that is a different issue, but having a second relationship can never happen too fast.

3. “There was nothing from my side”

So your guy is trying to tell you that there was nothing from his side, but was entirely the other girl’s fault? This means that he knew that the other girl had some feelings for him. Then why didn’t he tell you about it since the very beginning? Moreover, why did he continue to go for dates with that girl?

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