5 Exercises to Get Rid of Armpit Flab

5 Exercises to Get Rid of Armpit Flab

Armpit flab is stubborn and embarrassing; it will mock you from wearing those strapless or halter neck dresses. Even waving or raising your hand in sleeveless dresses will cause discomfiture. When fat deposits form an unsightly crease in front of your armpit, they are also sardonically called “bat wings or bingo wings”! Weight training and cardio workouts are the only saviors to get rid of armpit flab. Listed here are some such exercises to get rid of armpit flab.

1. Swimming

Being an excellent cardio workout and calorie burner, swimming tops the charts, as it tones triceps and reduces overall body fat. Moreover, this refreshing exercise is a cool way to get rid of your armpit flab by only working out the muscles and not hurting the joints.

2. Shoulder Press

To reduce armpit flab, you need to perform exercises which target triceps. Shoulder press is one of the most effective triceps targeted exercise. You can practice shoulder press with dumbbells of not very heavy weight, 2-5 pounds would suffice. But restrain from this exercise if you are suffering from any back pain or stiffness in the neck.

3. Butterfly presses

These are simple, easy-to-do exercises on floor mat and needs no heavy equipment. A pair of dumbbells would work just fine. While lying down on your back, get your arms straight and hold the weights above your shoulders, then lower your arms by bending your elbow. While doing this, make sure the elbow does not touch the ground. Repeat the set 15 times to begin with.

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