3 Reasons Why Women Should Decide When to have a Child

 Reasons Why Women Should Decide When to have a Child

It is not easy but most things in your life have to be about what you want and not about what other people want you to do. There are a lot of decisions that we make in life, where the main goal is not to satisfy ourselves but to make others happy. It could be your choice of clothes, the college you go to, and the people you hang out with, the degree you choose to pursue or your job. Sometimes we also get married not because that is what we want, but because it gives us a sense of safety and comfort or because it is what all the other women are doing. Getting pregnant and having kids also is sometimes forced on you and not really your decision. A lot of women have kids not out of choice but they are made to think that it is the most unselfish and the right thing to do. But it is so wrong. Listed here are some reasons why women should decide when to have a kid.

1. It is a woman’s body that is going to undergo a sea of change

It is easy for other people including your husband, boyfriend or partner to ask you to have a kid. It is however also true that it s going to be you who has to go through the pregnancy and childbirth. It is your body that will be undergoing a massive upheaval and change in a lot of ways. And even if you might have help, you will be saddled with a lot of responsibilities and emotions that you may not be ready to handle. It is precisely because a woman has to deal with all these things and not others that it has to be her decision to have a kid and not others.

2. It is not just about physical changes but also emotional changes

As much as we have moved on, certain beliefs about women and motherhood are still entrenched in our minds. It is perfectly fine for a man to stay out and work late or party with his friends after becoming a father but when a woman does this, she automatically is branded a bad mother. She is also expected to sacrifice at work or her employees assume that her output would go down after having a baby. These things affect women a lot and they also suffer from postpartum blues. A woman should be given the space and time to think through her decision to have a baby as it is her life that is affected a lot.

3. A woman needs to time to prepare herself

A woman would be the best judge about her readiness to have a baby. It isn’t just physical preparedness or mental preparedness. She has to make changes in absolutely every aspect of her life. She will know when she is ready to do that and that is why she should be the one deciding when to have a baby.

Instead of looking down or making fun of women who do not choose to have a kid or postponing having a kid, one should understand their reasons for doing so. Not all women are the same and not everyone can handle the responsibility of bringing a child into the world. The better prepared a woman is to have a kid, the better it is for the kid and the family as a whole.

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