How To Choose Paint Colors For Your Home?

How To Choose Colors For Your Home

Let’s stray away from those color booklets. Let’s ignore the mundane rules of color schemes offered by your architect. Let’s take a look at some of the new and bold ways of choosing colors for your home.

Lilac color for romance

Lilac infuses a strong sense of romance and elegance. If you are looking to add that extra special touch of romance to your lounge room – try a shade of lilac or purple. Believe us, light shades like lilac and purple are very relaxing and peaceful – they are also known as healing colors.

Wanna get an Aquatic feel at home?

Do you picture yourself living on a beach all your life, But can’t do it? Get the aquatic feel in your home – try a color palette which shouts ‘fresh blue’. Lighter shades of blue, aquatic green, shades of emerald – use all the blues and greens you can. I have a friend who wanted a fresh aquatic feel to her home but thought that the colors were dull. Her designer gave her a fab tip – add stripes to your wall to add that extra energy in the ambience. Team this up with a few nice vases – picture perfect!

Natural backdrops for your wall

If contemporary living is your style, I suggest you pick whites and other light neutral shades. You will get a superb backdrop. I have seen many contemporary designs where different whites have been used to provide an elegant backdrop with subtle use of timber furnishings and accessories. You are probably thinking “Boring!” Nope, not at all! Different whites in different sheen levels will create movement within your space.

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