Things to Learn From a Successful Co-worker

Things to Learn From a Successful Co-worker

Rather than feeling jealous about the success of a colleague at your workplace, shouldn’t you be taking tips and learning from his or her journey up the corporate ladder? Here are 5 key qualities, traits and abilities that you should learn from a successful co-worker.

1. Observe how your colleague interacts with superiors and subordinates

One of the key traits of a successful worker is his or her ability to interact with others in your organization. Keenly observe the way your successful colleague interacts with superiors and subordinates on a daily basis. Pick up tips on communication skills including body language and command over voice.

2. Learn how your colleague manages multiple tasks

Multitasking is a key quality when it comes to succeeding in almost any work environment. If you don’t consider yourself to be good at multitasking, learn those skills from a colleague who has been very successful. Notice how work is prioritized, meetings are set as per importance and decisions are made or postponed on the basis of the value they add.

3. Notice the punctuality of a successful colleague

A successful worker is generally punctual and makes his or her presence felt almost all the time. If you have not been punctual at work, take inspiration from a colleague’s success story and learn to reach work on time. Don’t be in a rush to leave as soon as the clock strikes. If your work load demands you to stay back on an odd day, take responsibility and do what it takes to finish the outstanding job.

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