5 Tips on What to do if You Fall in Love with Your Best Friend’s Boyfriend

5 Tips on What to do if You Fall in Love With Your Best Friend's Boyfriend

Cupid can often play mean pranks on us. It can sometimes miss the ‘right’ mark by hitting on a person who is already dating someone else. And the worst kinds of cases are the ones where you end up falling in love with your best friend’s boyfriend. When a complicated situation like that arises, you need to be really calm. You need to think over what’s more important to you – the guy or the bond with your best friend. Here are some things that you can do to improve the situation and get a proper sense of direction.

1. Be honest to yourself

Are you seriously in love with him or are you just crushing over him? It could also happen that you’ve been single for a very long time now, and when you see a guy making your best friend happy, you start to think he’s a nice guy. You fall for that guy’s good nature and humor, and start to assume that you are in love with him. Also, is this really the guy you see your future with? Can you not do any better than him? Ask yourself these questions and be absolutely honest to yourself about your feelings. That will help you get a sense of direction.

2. Observe his signs

Is he also noticing you the same way as you notice him? Are the feelings mutual? You may feel hesitant to talk about it right at the start, so the best you can do is to observe. Be careful however, not to trigger any unnecessary feelings of jealousy between you and your friend. She can’t think of you as the bitch that’s ruining her happiness and peace.

3. Cut him out for sometime

This is like a test for yourself. Try staying away from him as much as possible, and see if the ‘out of sight means out of mind’ philosophy works for you. If it does, nothing like it! You will get to know that it may not be that strong a feeling of love after all. And if it doesn’t work, then wait at least till he breaks up with your friend, or till your feelings don’t fade out.

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