Tips To Clean Your House And Bring Prosperity

How To Have A Clean House?

A time comes in everyone’s lives when they feel that their home is increasingly becoming like a pigsty. However, the fact that you have realized that some serious action from your part is needed towards your home is commendable and now that you have woken up to it, help is on your way. Here is an action plan charted out to help you in order to declutter your home and make it sparkling clean. Ladies, there’s an added bonus to this. According to Chinese customs, a clean home brings prosperity. Who knows, your cleanliness drive might bring some good luck to you and your sweet home?

1. Classify objects as ‘things needed’ and clutter

The very first thing is to sort out things you need and things you want thrown away. We have many things that we associate with important events and people and collect all these things over the years. However, before we realize, these little tokens of love accumulate and become clutter. Thus, there has to be a time to let go of these. Sort things out according to what you need and what is clutter and don’t restrain yourself from throwing the clutter in the garbage.

2. Do away with broken things

No matter how much you love the chipped vase or the torn rug, the fact that it is damaged will never change. You have to understand that broken things are of no use and you have to do away with them. In Feng Shui, keeping broken things in the house is considered as a sure way of inviting in negativity. Thus, no matter how attached you are with those things, let your mind’s practicality prevail and do away with them.

3. The lesser, the better.

Less is always the best in case of home decoration. Many people like to stuff their house with as many ornaments and trinkets as possible. Some people also go on to the extent of calling it their ‘’collection’. However, if truth be told, this would not just cram up the house and restrict movement, but would also increase work for you as to ensuring that each object remains clean and doesn’t become a place for dirt to accumulate.

4. Each thing should have its place

Make sure that what belongs to the bathroom doesn’t end up in the bedroom and what belongs to the bedroom doesn’t end up in the kitchen. Like we were taught as kids, each thing belongs to its particular place. For this, simply identify what belongs where and after you are done using it, simply put it back to where it belongs. It may seem tough to some but once the habit kicks in, you will be surprised at the results.

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