5 Good Makeup Tips For Women Over 60

Good Makeup Tips For Women Over 60

Makeup, when done in the right way, increases your beauty by multiples. It serves as a perfect tool to hide your imperfections and accentuate your good looks. For women who are over 60 years of age, we share some quick and interesting makeup tips to keep up your grace and beauty.

1. Tweeze

Even though your chin is a tiny part of your face and does not seem to catch your attention that often, other people notice your chin more often than you’d like to think. And you don’t want to be sporting a beard! So, get rid of your chin hair. Some suggest electrolysis, while others simply opt for tweezers. Whatever method suits you best, go for it!

2. Moisturize

With age, your skin tends to become dry. It is therefore essential that you keep your skin moisturized. Instead of going for powdered blush or foundation, go for the ones that are water or oil based. Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated.

3. Maintain

The brutal fact is that your skin is no longer young and fresh. However, with a proper care regime and skin routine you can ensure that your skin remains healthy. It is best to exfoliate at least three times a week. Facial cleaning must be done both in mornings and at nights. It is essential that you remove your makeup thoroughly as whatever sticks to your skin will adversely affect it.

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