5 Health Benefits of Acupuncture

5 Health Benefits of Acupuncture

As an alternative treatment technique, acupuncture is seldom recommended by physicians to their patients. This is mainly because of unawareness of the many benefits of alternative treatments. Even though some doctors know how helpful they are, they keep themselves from recommending them because of the non-scientific dogma attached to them, and of course, to boost their own earnings. But research has shown that one such alternative treatment, acupuncture, is highly beneficial especially to ease, if not cure completely, several types of body ache and obesity as well. Listed here are the top health benefits of acupuncture.

1. Relieves backache

One of the primary reasons why people undergo acupuncture is to get relief from chronic back pain. Even simulated acupuncture has shown significant results in soothing chronic back pain than conventional medication. Actual acupuncture can therefore be highly beneficial in providing relief form backache.

2. Soothes headaches

Acupuncture also provides relief form persistent headaches. Studies have shown that acupuncture therapy on a regular basis significantly reduces headache caused by tension and stress and migraine related problems. Acupuncture is therefore very effective in the treatment of different kinds of headaches.

3. Improves effectiveness of medicines

Studies have shown acupuncture to have an effect on the effectiveness of medication. A study in China showed that a low dose of the drug fluoxetine along with acupuncture therapy acted as a combined medication for anxiety and depression, which was also highly effective. This combination was in fact as effective as the full dose of the drug. Not only that, this combination therapy also reduced the unwanted side effects of the drug.

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