7 Tips to Strengthen Your Kids’ Relationships With Their Grandparents

 Tips to Strengthen Your Kids' Relationships With Their Grandparents

Grandparents can be treasure troves of wisdom and it is important for your kids to form a bond with them. Take these tips on how you can help your kids to form a stronger bond with their grandparents.

1. Get your kids to spend time with their grandparents in person

Nothing else can replace the precious time that your kids spend with their grandparents in person. If the grandparents live in the same city as you, schedule weekends for your kids to meet them. If they live interstate, try to visit them as frequently as possible. The memories that your kids will have by being with their grandparents in flesh and blood are likely to stay with them for a long time.

2. Tell your kids about the life of their grandparents through photographs

Kids can have a better idea about their grandparents’ personalities if they are told about their life story. Gather old family photographs which can help you take your kids through the journey of their grandparents’ lives. Show them how they lived, studied, worked, got their first jobs and raised a family. Let your kids understand and appreciate how far their grandparents have come.

3. Never show your difference in opinion with your parents in front of your kids

Kids have impressionable minds and as parents you should be careful about your behavior with their grandparents. If your kids see you or your husband quarrelling with your parents on the phone or not being in touch with them for weeks together, they are likely to imbibe the same values.

4. Let your kids do certain activities with their grandparents

If your kids and their grandparents are in the same city, you can schedule activities that they can do together. It can be something as simple as a coloring activity if your kids are toddlers or something more complex like solving a Sudoku puzzle if your kids are a bit older. Delegating such activities to grandparents can work wonders in creating a strong bond between them and your kids. They both are likely to interact more openly with each other when you are not around.

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