6 Things No One Ever Tells You About Shampoo

6 Things No One Ever Tells You About Shampoo

We use shampoo almost every day to wash our hair that we seldom stop to think about it. It becomes as normal as using soap or a body wash that we use it without really wondering why and if we are doing it right. One important thing that everyone must keep in mind about shampoo and shampooing your hair is that it is made of chemicals no matter what the herbal label says. The chemical content in the shampoo makes it imperative that you rinse it off well so there is no build up on your scalp. Here are some more things about shampoo that no one ever tells you about.

1. You cannot stick to the same shampoo for ever

Shampoos have different ingredients that are suited to different hair types. If you have been treating your dry hair for a while with a special shampoo and you see some improvement, you need to stop using it and use a regular shampoo so you do not make your hair lanky and oily. The same goes for other hair types too. Keep changing your shampoo according to the needs of your hair.

2. You can make shampoo at your home

You needn’t always rely on store sold shampoos. You can make shampoos at your own house. Egg whites are a great alternative for shampoo if you so not want to add too many chemicals to your scalp or your hair. You can also use aloe Vera gel instead of shampoo to get a soft and shiny look. Adding a bit of lemon to both ensures that your scalp and hair are clean.

3. The cost of your shampoo does not really matter

Do not get tempted by the brand name or the glossy surface of your shampoo bottle. Shampoos more or less use the same ingredient and it does not really matter if your shampoo is a low cost one. It practically does the same job that an expensive shampoo would do for you.

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