5 Signs You are Exercising Too Much

5 Signs You are Exercising Too Much

Exercising is a good thing for your physical and emotional health. Exercise helps you stay fit, boosts your immune power, helps you fight some diseases and also gives you an emotional high. Having a toned body also gives you a positive ad healthy attitude. But then there are chances that you get a little too excited about all the good things that exercise does for you and get carried away. When you put more importance in your exercise is when you tend to over exercise. Over exercising causes a lot of damage physically and emotionally and it is best you know the signs. Here are some signs that you’re exercising too much.

1. You complain about a lot of aches and pains

Some exercises are designed to help relieve pain and make you feel better. But if your complaining of aches and pains because you are exercising, it only means that you are over exercising. Stop overdoing it before you cause some serious damage to your muscles or your knees.

2. You visit the doctor one too many times to get treated for a dislocated shoulder, torn ligament or a sprained ankle

When your doctor visits to get treated for these ailments becomes more frequent and you spend one too many times visiting the doctor, you should see it as a sign that you are exercising too much to the extent that you are causing injuries to yourself. It is also time that you slow down on exercising or stop it for a while to let your body heal naturally.

3. Your social life centers around your exercise regimen

You know you are over exercising when you make plans around your exercise regimen. You would rather spend the evening at the gym than going out on a date or hanging out with friends. You would also see yourself scheduling your other appointments based on your gym time. If you see yourself doing these things, it could only be a sign that you are exercising way too much.

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