4 Tips to Fix Bushy Eyebrows

4 Tips to Fix Bushy Eyebrows

The shape of your eyebrows makes a difference in your complete look. They need to be shaped and maintained regularly. It is a very important feature of your face. You could shape your eyebrows according to your face structure and choose if you want it to be thin or thick. But a few people face problems with bushy eyebrows as even after regular grooming, they need ti be well-maintained. Here are 4 tips to fix bushy eyebrows.

1. Regularly trim and comb them

Even when you keep going to the salon for threading during frequent intervals, bushy eyebrows act very difficult and need some trimming. You could trim your bushy eyebrows yourself. With a pair of small and sharp scissors, trim your eyebrows along the eyebrow line, comb it upwards first. Use an eyebrow brush which is small and handy, it will help bushy eyebrows look maintained. You could also use some hair gel to set it.

2. Groom, thread and tweeze them

The most important part in maintaining bushy eyebrows would be to regularly going to the salon for threading and tweezing the extra growth of hair. If you regularly keep shaping them, they will look clean and maintained. Get the shaping done professionally instead of trying it yourself. They would do it perfectly and give you a light massage to reduce the pain and reduce the redness.

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