7 Easy Ways to Stop Hair Loss

7 Easy Ways to Stop Hair Loss

Are you worried because of those hair strands which you lose everyday? Is their number increasing with every passing day? Surely this affects your hair quality. We take all sorts of precautions and resort to different types of cures but still fail to prevent hair fall. Today’s polluted environment makes situations worse. While it is normal to lose almost 40-50 strands everyday, it is a cause to worry if you tend to lose more than that. Here we have listed few ways to stop hair loss.

1. Have a healthy diet

It is important to have a healthy diet that can provide your hair with ample nutrients to grow and prevent hair loss. Include nutritious food in your diet that are rich in vitamin A, zinc, iron etc. Foods like fish, liver, egg, spinach, carrots, meat, soy products, and the likes form a rich diet.

2. Protect yourself against dandruff

Dandruff is responsible for weakening the roots of your hair and hence cause hair fall. If you have dandruff, then get it treated soon. You can choose good anti-dandruff shampoos for the same. Also, don’t forget to apply oil at regular intervals.

3. Keep fungal infections at bay

Another cause for hair loss can be fungal infections like tinea capitis. If you suffer from any such infection, you should immediately consult a doctor as that might increase the frequency of hair loss.

4. Avoid too much stress

Every physical trouble is directly or indirectly linked to the mental state. When you are stressed, you will see that the hair fall count has increased. Try different activities to reduce stress like listening to music, going for an evening walk, interacting with your closed ones etc. Reducing your stress level will automatically help you reduce the amount of hair loss you experience every day.

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