Is Hair Coloring Safe? What Are The Alternate Methods Available?

Is Hair Coloring Safe? What Are The Alternate Methods Available?

Hair coloring, as a method of covering up gray hair, has been a long practiced tradition. It has been commonly used by people in order to save themselves from the embarrassment of out of place gray strands at an early age. The question however is: is hair coloring safe? Here we tell you the cons of regular hair coloring. Take a look.

1. Artificial hair coloring agents contain certain toxic materials such as lead acetate which can be poisonous, if ingested accidentally.

2. For permanent hair color to have its effect, it has to penetrate the hair and while doing so, your hair swell considerably. This can potentially damage the protein level of the strands.

3. Hair loss is another problem that is faced by regular users of hair color. This happens due to constant interaction of chemicals with the roots of the hair that become weak, leading to hair loss.

4. Regular hair coloring can also lead to skin discoloration along your hairline. Although the skin renews itself, it is a potential health concern.

5. Allergies on the scalp, along with its reddening and itching, are some of the other complaints that people have once they start using hair color regularly.

6. The texture of the hair will suffer with regular coloring. Although experts recommend the use of conditioners especially meant for colored hair, it cannot be denied that damage is done.

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