5 Things Couples Must do Before Having a Baby

5 Things Couples Must do Before Having a Baby

Having a baby is an important and life changing decision in the lives of every couple. Having kids is a commitment for life and it is made after understanding that your lives are going to change drastically and never getting back to the pre-kid days. Having kids can be great fun if you do it right. Kids bring in fulfillment, happiness, unexpected joys and a sense of responsibility to your lives. Before a couple decide to have kids, they need to do a few things for themselves because for a few years after that, say almost eighteen years after that they are not going to get enough time to think about themselves. Here are things couples must do before having a baby.

1. Go on a backpacking trip

Backpacking can not only be difficult but can be close to impossible with a baby around. Backpacking is something that every couple must do as it brings them closer and lets them have a lot of fun together, exploring new places and meeting new people. Travelling to an exotic place on a shoe string budget where your days are not planned is a definite must before you have a baby.

2. Indulge in some adventure sports

You cannot do some sports, especially adventure sports when you are pregnant and if you are a couple who do things like this together, you should definitely try this. You are not going to get the time or the energy to this at least till your baby grows into a toddler.

3. Have loads of sex

It is not to say that you will not or cannot have sex when you are pregnant, but it definitely is going to be a little awkward. You will have less sex once you get pregnant either because of physical or emotional reasons. And it certainly will take a backseat once the baby comes out. Try to get as much as sex possible before you plan to have a baby. It will be loads of fun and will also bring you much closer to each other.

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