7 Best Exercises for Sexy Legs

7 Best Exercises for Sexy Legs

Sexy legs can seduce,
Sexy legs can tease,
Sexy legs are an asset,
That can everyone please.

A pair of sexy legs is an instant turn on. No eyes can resist the charm that sexy legs contain. Knowingly or unknowingly, your legs are the first thing that people notice about you. While bad footwear can be awful, bad legs are a disaster. This is especially when you are in the mood to wear that little dress or those denim shorts. Sexy legs come to the rescue on days when you feel your hair is not setting right or for some reason your skin is appearing dull. We present you with the best exercises to trim your legs into the most flattering shape ever. Below are 10 best exercises for sexy legs.

1. Cycling

Cycling is not just eco-friendly; it is also a very good exercise to strengthen your leg muscles. Cycling involves continuous movement of your legs thus offering your legs a good and a complete work out. Pushing the peddles of the cycle with your legs uses force, thus enabling your legs to become stronger and replace fat in the areas like your thighs and calves with muscle. Hence, whenever you get a chance to travel to slightly longer distances opt for a bicycle. It is like hitting two birds with one stone, with helping the environment and benefiting your legs.

2. Swimming

Swimming is truly a fun activity. Apart from it being a complete body work out, swimming particularly benefits your legs because of constant movement. It is said that swimming is the best form of exercise as you are least likely to strain or pull a muscle while swimming. Different stokes while swimming benefit your legs and cause them to slim down extensively. Enroll yourself in a swimming club if you are not already a part of one soon; your legs will be grateful!

3. Running

Running helps to significantly reduce the fat on your legs. If you manage to find time to run on a daily basis, you will see the effect very soon. Running makes your calves and feet very strong. Running also helps to boost your immunity. Make it a practice to run everyday at least for 30 minutes. Start off slow and gradually pick up pace. Try to participant in a marathon; it will boost your spirit. However, ensure that you get yourself a good pair of shoes in order to avoid any kind of injury.

4. Dancing

Dancing is the most beautiful form of exercise for your legs. Almost any kind of dance requires you to be constantly on your feet. This will increase the flexibility of your legs and also help them to become stronger. It will also improve your leg reflexes. Chose your favorite form of dance and take it up as a hobby. You can choose from jive and salsa to hip hop, tribal, belly-dancing and so on. It will be a great stress buster while dancing. Also when you look in the mirror at your wonderfully shaped legs, a whole lot of stress goes down right there.

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