8 Situations When You Should Not Use Texts

8 Situations When You Should Not Use Texts

Texting has been an inevitable and addictive part of our daily lives always. It’s hard to do away with this habit but there come many situations in life wherein using texts will prove to be a disaster for you. Hence whenever you find yourself in any of these 8 situations, avoid texting, for your sake as well as the other person’s sake.

1. While breaking up

It’s never cool to dump or break up with someone over a text, be it for whatever reason you may be leaving them. Since you have had a relationship with that person, the least and last bit of courtesy and humanity you could display is by ending up things in person.

2. During a meeting

While it may be okay to text now and then in the office, it’s definitely not right to do so when in the midst of a meeting. Neither is it respectful nor is it politically correct since your colleagues and seniors will look down upon this behavior. It could negatively affect your career prospects.

3. While asking someone out

Just like it’s not cool to break up with someone via text, it’s also not nice to ask someone out on a date through this medium. Chances are high that you may come across as a very casual person, texting for a date only to pass your weekend, for which you could very well be turned down.

4. While asking for jobs

You will certainly not get a job if your approach is casual. Texting your prospective employer about the status of your job application instead of calling them or visiting the office is a big no-no.

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