4 Psychological Effects of Abortion

Psychological Effects of Abortion

Having babies is not an easy thing. Getting pregnant likewise is not easy for a lot of women. But some women get pregnant and do not want to have a baby for a lot of reasons. The reasons could be their age, their financial status, natural causes, weak uterus, biological problems, their marital status and also their emotional maturity. Whatever reasons a woman might have to go ahead with the abortion, the fact remains that she undergoes not only a physical change, but also an emotional change. If the woman had made the choice herself, the emotional aftereffects would be a little less as she would have thought long and hard about it and come to a decision. For women who are forced by either people or circumstances to go ahead with the abortion, the psychological effects can be a little strong and might stay on for a long time. Here are some psychological effects of abortion.

1. A sense of loss

This sense of loss can be profound or mild depending on the emotional state of the woman and the way she had looked at the unborn baby inside her. Whatever her emotional state, every woman who has had an abortion will feel a sense of loss both physical and mental. If she had already started looking at the fetus as a baby and had formed an emotional bond, the loss can be pretty devastating for her.

2. Depression

Women who had been expecting ad looking forward to having a baby and who had to have an abortion either due to medical reasons or other reasons go into depression when they lose their babies. The depression can be pretty serious at times, making them even suicidal. Their emotionally vulnerable state makes them pretty weak and prone to dark and depressive thoughts.

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