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5 DIY Facials

Here are some DIY facials that could help you save time and money! (Remember that all facial massages are to be first done clock wise and then anti-clock wise. Do not apply...

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8 Tips for Facial Cleansing

In today’s rigorous and stressful world, we often don’t put facials in our priority list. Due to this, our skin loses its suppleness and smoothness, thus, becoming rough and unhealthy. However, one...

5 Weird Beauty Tips That Work

5 Weird Beauty Tips that Work

Weird can be beautiful too. Here’s a list of some weird sounding beauty tips that actually work and leave you feeling gorgeous and rejuvenated 1. Nourishing Honey Face Wash Ditch those expensive...

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7 Myths About Acne

Eating chocolate causes acne or having fried food causes acne! Even though some are true, there are several myths related to acne. Read below to the most common ones. 1. Acne is...

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5 Foods Low In Carbs

Carbs are your worst enemy! Most of the time that is. As essential carbohydrates are for survival, taking them even in a tad excess amount leads to ugly weight gain. Read on...

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7 Common Remedies for Cold

Catching cold is one of the most widespread health problems that have been around for more than a thousand years now. Cold could be caused by a wide range of virus strains...

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How to Reduce Pores On Skin?

Small openings of sweat glands, oil glands, and hair follicles are called skin pores and these appear larger when they are accumulated with oil. Pores tend to increase in size during puberty...

Top 6 Home Remedies For Zits

Top 6 Home Remedies For Zits

Zits, also called pimples, are formed when oil glands in your skin get clogged. There is pus inside them which comes out when you prick them. It’s advised that you avoid pricking...