7 Myths About Acne

Myths About Acne

Eating chocolate causes acne or having fried food causes acne! Even though some are true, there are several myths related to acne. Read below to the most common ones.

1. Acne is common in teens

This is a complete myth. A person can face the problem of acne at any age. The main cause of acne is hormonal imbalance, which can happen at any age. In fact, acne is common during pregnancy and menopause. So, it is not related to teens.

2. Acne is only caused due to poor hygiene

This is not true. Acne is not only caused by dirt and oil, which accumulates on the skin, but also, due to internal factors. Washing the face several times in a day is no solution to the problem of acne caused due to internal factors. Work on a balanced diet plan and exercise regularly to treat the acne condition.

3. Oily foods cause acne

There is no subsequent link between oily food and acne. Though consumption of excessive oily foodstuffs can cause acne, but you can completely blame oily food for your acne. Have all the foods in moderate amount. This will not harm the skin in anyway.

4. Makeup causes acne

This is again a myth. Makeup does not necessarily cause acne and breakouts on skin. Nowadays, organic makeup is available for the skin, which is safe. In fact, some makeup products also have salicylic acid, which prevents acne on skin.

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