5 Very Healthy Ways to Cook Vegetables

Very Healthy Ways to Cook Vegetables

It is a much known and approved fact that eating vegetables is good for health. The numerous health benefits they offer, make veggies a mandatory part of our diet. Did you know that preparing them the right way ensures that their nutrient level and flavor remains intact? Research shows that it is not how much vegetable we consume but how we prepare them that determines the amount of vitamins, phytochemicals and other minerals that enter our system. Listed here are some healthy ways to cook vegetables.

1. Steam your veggies

Instead of boiling your vegetables, steam them. This helps them retain their nutrients and their natural flavor. Steamed vegetables are far healthier than boiled ones. Steaming will give the same result as boiling but with very less nutrient loss. For a dash of flavor, you can add sesame seeds, garlic or whatever you fancy. The more water content there is in the vegetables, the better it is nutrient wise. For best results, steam them until they are crisp and tender.

2. Restrict the usage of salt

Keep in mind to limit the usage of salt. While salt can help to bring out the taste and color in the vegetables, it should not be the main flavor. Instead, you can use other spices such as garlic to add flavor to your vegetables.

3. Grill your vegetables

Grilling the vegetables makes for a healthy alternative. Grill your vegetables with just little oil to turn them crispy brown and to prevent them from sticking. Grilled vegetables are much healthier and tastier than sauteing or frying.

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