5 Weird Beauty Tips that Work

5 Weird Beauty Tips that Work

Weird can be beautiful too. Here’s a list of some weird sounding beauty tips that actually work and leave you feeling gorgeous and rejuvenated

1. Nourishing Honey Face Wash

Ditch those expensive face washes and give the good old honey a try. Not only will it leave your skin glowing, it will act as an anti-inflammatory agent. Simply wash it off with lukewarm water and enjoy your fresh, natural looking skin. It’s great for removing your makeup too.

2. Vaseline help for stubborn calluses

For those stubborn calluses that mar the look of your beautiful feet, use a generous amount of Vaseline and rub it thoroughly on your feet. Now wear comfortable socks and get a good night’s sleep. Wake up with fresh, hydrated and beautiful feet.

3. Steam for making makeup last longer

It may sound really weird because steam brings the word ‘sweat’ to your mind which may ruin the makeup, but give this method a try. After applying makeup, go ahead and take a little bit of steam. You can do so by boiling water in a pan and then as it’s steaming, go near it so that your face gets some steam. This actually helps in fixing the makeup so that it lasts longer.

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