8 Tips for Facial Cleansing

8 Tips for Facial Cleansing

In today’s rigorous and stressful world, we often don’t put facials in our priority list. Due to this, our skin loses its suppleness and smoothness, thus, becoming rough and unhealthy. However, one must realize that along with managing your daily chores, it is also very important to take care of your skin and prevent yourself from facing premature aging or other skin diseases.

It is not viable always for everyone to go to beauty salons, due to a hectic schedule, which is understandable. But what you can do is take out some time at home for cleansing treatments, which will keep your skin healthy and fresh. Here are some tips for facial cleansing.

1. Wash your face

It is very essential to wash your face at least thrice a day. After a tiring day at work with exposure of your skin to dirt, grime and the sun, the first thing you should do is clean your face with a cleanser. This should become a routine to keep your face clean and fresh at all times. Moreover, before going off to bed, you should wash your face to avoid pores and eruptions. Remember that each time you wash your face during the day, you necessarily don’t need soap. Just plain water works wonders to keep your skin clean and healthy.

2. Use a proper cleanser

It is extremely important to know your skin type. Every individual has a different kind of skin, and hence, the cleanser should suit you properly. You should avoid using soap too much on your face, as it is very rough and harsh, and can cause skin damage in the future. A dry cleanser makes your skin irritable and scratchy, whereas a ‘too-rich’ cleanser can clog your pores and make it worse. There are various types of cleansers available, ranging from the ones for oily skin to those for dry skin to normal skin. Choose your cleanser appropriately to get good results.

3. Use tepid water

Many women have the habit of splashing cold water on their face, once they come home from the dusty environment outside. This can be very harmful to your skin. Extreme hot water does no good either, as it dries your skin and damages it. As a solution, it is advisable to use tepid or lukewarm water while cleaning your face. It clears all the dirt and grime effectively, and doesn’t damage your skin.

4. Use soft cloth to wipe the face

Do not use rough cloth or sponge to wipe your face after cleansing. The roughness of cloth harms your soft skin, and you may feel itchy too. Use a soft cloth instead to gently wipe the face and keep your skin away from all sorts of damages.

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