Huge Turn Off For Guys

Huge Turn Off For Guys

Guys think differently! And, some things which you like may be a turn off for them in a relationship. Are you aware of things that they don’t like? Well, listed are some huge turns off for guys that you must know about. Read on to understand your guy in a better way.

1. Loud make-up

Most guys prefer simplicity; as a matter of fact they don’t like girls with loud make-up. If you want to impress your lover, then it is important that you stay off make-up. Be as simple as possible because that is actually a turn on for your partner. Loud make-up or wild make-up may not attract him, so do keep that in mind.

2. Too clingy

Being concerned about him is one thing and acting clingy is another. If you don’t give him the space in a relationship he deserves, it would be a huge turn off. You heard that right; don’t act too clingy or desperate for his love. Just let him be and give him the space he needs in life. He would get closer to you with time.

3. The topic of ex

How much ever your guy is liberal in life, he would never like to hear about your ex. So, what is the point in talking about your ex and spoiling his mood? Don’t talk about your past relationships or how your ex used to behave with you. That is your past so let it be past only. Talk about things that are relevant for you and your partner in love.

4. Too easy in love

Do you know that guys actually get attracted to girls who are mysterious by nature? So, if you are too easy to talk to, then naturally that would be a huge turn off. He would not like to listen to everything at once. You must keep some elements of surprise or mystery while having a normal conversation, which would help you.

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