5 Reasons Opposites may Not Always Get Attracted to Each Other

5 Reasons Opposites may Not Always Get Attracted to Each Other

Almost all of us grew up hearing that opposites always attract. It is definitely true in the scientific sense, but is it really true and does it work all the time when it comes to attraction towards the opposite sex and other relationships? If we look at the fairy tales, the romantic novels and the mushy movies, we would be tempted to believe that it is actually the truth. The rich girl or the guy falling for the poor person, the good and the virtuous heroine falling for and eventually changing the bad guy- all these have been a staple in a lot of romantic literature and other mediums, but in real life this is not always true. Although in some cases opposites may attract and people can hook up, many times, opposite natures just become a huge turn off and here are the reasons why.

1. He may want to go out when you want to sleep

You may have liked him because he is completely different from you, but can you imagine him wanting to go out every night or at least a couple of nights every week when all you want to do is curl up nice and go to sleep. Even if there is an initial attraction, it will not always lead to anything substantial and the attraction will fizzle out after you get to know him.

2. You will not have much to talk

Sometimes, there might be a physical attraction but you can be the complete opposite when it comes to tastes and beliefs. In these cases, you will end up having a lot to do physically but will draw a bank when it comes to having conversations. After a while, it is an equal balance of emotions and physical attributes that makes a relationship work.

3. You will be always left to deal with people who wonder about your relationship

You may have your reasons for attractions, but you will end up dealing with constant questions from people who wonder about the attraction that you or he saw in each other. This eventually leads to problems between the two of you. This is one reason why opposites do not always attract. People think about the long term issues sometimes and curb their attraction in the early stages.

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