9 Habits that Hurt Your Relationship

9 Habits that Hurt Your Relationship

Every relationship goes through ups and downs. It’s like a roaster coaster ride where two people have to be on par with each other. However, there are certain habits that may genuinely hurt girls while in the relationship. Read on.

1. Dominating attitude

Guys who try to dominate their girl can never be in their good books. Both the parties need to strike a balance in terms of treating each other. If one tries to outsmart the other, that’s where the problem begins. You need to understand your girl’s needs and treat her like a princess and not like a slave.

2. Obsessive behavior

Love and obsession are two different things. You need to love and care for your girl rather than trying to trace her every bit of living. Constant phone calls, getting jealous of her when she tries to achieve something of her own or trying to isolate her from her friends and family are enough to drive her away from you forever and break your relationship to utter bits.

3. A very touchy-feely attitude

Though a little bit of pampering may up your love life, being too touchy with your girlfriend may make her glide away from you. The worst thing you can do is cuddle up to her or touch her all over in the midst of a horde of people. Public displays of affection are a complete no-no for today’s women.

4. Flirtatious attitude

You may find many girls cute even after you get into a relationship but that doesn’t mean you flirt your heart out. Your relationship will lose its meaning if your try to show off your manliness to each passing girl around.

5. Two-timing behavior

There are many guys out there who may comfortably two-time their girlfriends without a bit of shame. As a guy, this means that you are not serious with either of them and are just breaking two hearts simultaneously.

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