4 Signs He is Secretly Unhappy in Your Relationship

4 Signs He is Secretly Unhappy in Your Relationship

Relationships can be tricky affairs. Not everyone is in a relationship because they have found their soul mate or because they think they will be their happiest being with the other person. People get into relationships for the flimsiest of reasons. Some get into a relationship because they do not want to be alone, some because they feel good to be seen with a good looking person and some stay in a relationship for money. Sometimes it is difficult to find out if your partner is really happy in the relationship. You might go on believing that everything is going right in the relationship until one day he drops a bomb on you saying he wants out. If you do not want to be shocked, look out for the signs that he is unhappy in the relationship. Here are some signs that he is secretly unhappy in your relationship.

1. He is prone to emotional outbursts once in a while

He might act normal and lovey-dovey most of the days but a few days he might be a monster that you do not recognize. He may say the ugliest of things to you or go on a rant for hours. He will also get back to you saying he didn’t know what came over him. These kind of emotional outbursts happen when he has been unhappy for a while and have no way of telling you straight away. He simmers for a while and finally bursts out. Instead of accepting his apology and brushing off the incident, sit and talk with him to find out what’s making him unhappy.

2. He has a lot of complaints about you that he does not tell you

You will either hear it from his friends, your mutual friends or his family. Sometimes he may even go to your family to complain about you. This could happen because he is unhappy and feels that he cannot share it with you. He may be scared that you could take it badly or turn it against him. This behavior is unacceptable in any relationship as he should be comfortable enough to discuss anything with you.

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