6 Reasons to Find Time to Play With Your Kids

6 Reasons to Find Time to Play With Your Kids

Many parents don’t realize that it is extremely important to spend time with their kids, especially to play with them. One of the biggest advantages of playing with your kids is that it will help you to know more about them and their personality. Here are a few more reasons why you should make the effort to find them time to play with your children.

1. To make memories

There is no excuse a mother can give to be unable to find the time to play with her kids. You will unknowingly form wonderful memories with your kids when you are helping them ride the see-saw, playing Lego with them or swinging them in the hammock. If you don’t play with your kids when they are young, you will miss out on some of the best parts of their childhood which you will regret later. This is the foremost reason why you should make time to play with your kids.

2. To know about their skills, aptitude and interests

There is an ulterior reason of spending more time playing with your kids. When you see your kids playing in front of your eyes, you can make a lot of observations about them. You will able to make mental notes about which games they like the most, how intensely they like their recreational hours and whether they like being indoors or outdoors. Many of the likes and dislikes that kids display when they play games or a sport get reflected and carried forward in their adult lives too.

3. To form a deeper bond with them

It is important spend time helping your kids with their homework and reading them bedtime stories, but it is equally important to spend time playing with them. This is because kids love playing and they will feel happy about the fact that you are spending your time having fun with them too. Don’t let your kids feel that parents are only meant to be strict and firm. Show them your fun side so that you both can form a deeper bond with each other.

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