5 Annoying First Date Conversations

5 Annoying First Date Conversations

Your behavior, impression, attitude and personality all matter a lot on the first date. You need to show the best in you so that you get a chance for a second date. A lot of knowing and talking takes place during the first dates. There are some topics or things that you must avoid saying on first dates. Here are 5 annoying first date conversations.

1. Conversations about your ex

If you really want to discuss your past relationship and your ex-boyfriend, please find some other day to do it. First dates are about the first impressions, the flirting, and the intense eye contact. Talking about your past and ex would ruin the mood and is a big turn off for boys. This is not something the guy would want to hear about you on the first date.

2. Your whole life history

When you go out on a first date, the guy doesn’t know much about you. You could give him a glimpse of your life, but just don’t go on and on about it. Be precise, be interesting and don’t blabber about your life history. He will not really be able to relate to it after a point and will start getting bored.

3. Depressing and negative conversations

It’s a good thing to have an emotional and deep conversation with a friend, but doing that on a first date isn’t a good idea. Do not get into conversations where you are constantly talking about your life problems, bad experiences and troubles. It makes the date too intense. You could share such things once you know him well.

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