7 Tips on How to Steal a Guy From Another Girl

Tips on How to Steal a Guy From Another Girl

It is not good to break someone’s relationship. This is certainly true, but no guy will be willing to leave his girlfriend if he was really happy with her. So, if you want to steal a guy from his girlfriend, don’t think that you are a Devil. The fact is that you are just trying your luck! Here are some tips on how to steal a guy from his girlfriend.

1. Look great around the guy you want

Men simply love good looking girls. This doesn’t mean that you have to have a symmetrical face or a perfect body. You can look nice by wearing trendy clothes and of course, wearing a smile all day. Stylish clothes can make you look more confident. The sexiest women in this world are not the prettiest. Hence, just ooze your sex appeal and stay happy with the way you look. Looking stunning around the guy you want can be really beneficial.

2. Use your smile as a weapon to win his heart

Your smile can let him know that something is brewing in the air. Stare at him once or twice and let him stare at you back. Once he looks at you, smile and look away in a cute way. Most men like coy girls. So, use your shyness and smile to win the man.

3. Stay mysterious

Make sure you stay quiet and mysterious about the way you feel for him. Don’t tell him anything directly. This will make him curious about your feelings. Men love attention and a good looking girl’s attention can make them feel that they are on cloud nine. If you really want to steal the guy then make him wonder and think about you.

4. Back off a bit when he takes a step forward

When he starts staring at you regularly, just back off and stop staring at him for a few days. Play cold for some days and let him miss your stare. This will make him wonder why you are backing off. He will then try to stare at you and get your attention more frequently. You can look back at him now and then but don’t forget to look away quickly. All this will drive him crazy for your attention. He will look at you and play this game with you even if he has a girlfriend.

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