6 Signs Your Teenager is Depressed

6 Signs Your Teenager is Depressed

Teenage is a tough phase to be in. With all the whacky hormones, studies, peer pressure, and relationship complications, it can become really tough for a teenage boy or girl to adjust to everything. These issues often lead to depression and it can be very difficult for parents to sometimes realize that their son or daughter might be going through a rough time. We give you some signs that may indicate that your teenager is depressed.

1. A negative state of mind

If you find your otherwise chirpy and enthusiastic teen being too cynical or negative about life, then it could be a sign of depression. While going through depression, a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness sets in. Your teenage son or daughter may find it futile to make any efforts to improve on things.

2. Irritable mood

A depressed teenager will seem to be in a perpetual bad mood. Little things would seem to act as triggers and there would be sudden outbursts or strong reactions. If you find your teenager being constantly irritable and edgy for no apparent reason, then it could be a sign of depression.

3. Change in appetite

Depression can also lead to a change in the eating patterns. If you find your teenager son/daughter over-eating or refusing to eat at meal hours, then this could be a red flag. If this depression stays for a long time, then it could lead to weight gain or loss of weight. So, do keep a close watch on your child’s diet patterns.

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