Effects Of Sugar On The Body

Find Out If Sugar Affects Our Health?

Does sugar affect your health? Yes! I am not here to go sugar bashing like the world out there. I am bored with people coming and telling me “Oh sugar is bad for you”. Sugar, like any other food is harmful in excess. What we have failed to do is find out “What are the limits?” Sugar affects our health – how and why? Let’s find out.

Importance of Sugar

Sugars are carbohydrates and are a source of energy in our foods. It occurs naturally in foods like fruits, and dairy products and is also added to various other foods. The problem is we have lost concept of moderation. Experts define a ‘moderate intake’ as 10% of the total daily energy intake. On an average, a 600ml bottle of soft drink contains 12-15 tablespoons of sugar. For a little girl, that is about 10-15% of daily energy needs. Donuts, pies, chocolates, candy, the list is endless. The increased consumption of such foods has multiplied the intake of sugar in our day to day lives. Do you avoid putting a single spoon of sugar in your coffee? Don’t do that and deprive your taste buds of the taste they deserve. I’d recommend cutting back on foods that have higher than average sugar content. Anything in excess is bad – even water! So watch what you eat, but don’t cut out sugar totally. You deserve sweetness in life.

Sugar and obesity

Okay, okay here we go again. For everyone who tells you that sugar makes you fat – tell them “sugar is like any other carbohydrate, you idiot!” Sugar intake is not a direct controller of obesity. Sugar is a carbohydrate and it provides the same amount of energy as other forms of carbohydrates in foods like rice, bread, pasta, etc. So don’t be a fool – don’t say sugar makes you obese!

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